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The Page Inspector displays the HTML code for the selected site or the source code for the required page. The code is highlighted in three colors to distinguish HTML tags from parameters and values. HTML tags are highlighted in blue. Parameters are highlighted in red and values ​​are highlighted in green.

About the site's snooper

Rival relationships in the internet world are getting stronger and more complex over time. Many websites are loaded and performed at any given time. The backbone of the site is the code. Therefore, it is essential to continue to improve and update the code.

Why do you want to see the page's source code online?

There are several reasons for this. After running all the analytical tests and checks on competing sites, he still doesn't understand why his ranking is not better than their ranking.

In this situation, you can choose from several options. You can outperform your competitors by waiting for them to make mistakes or close your business, or by updating and improving your website. We recommend that you update your website. To do this, we recommend that you consult the source code of your competitor's online page so that you can understand the tricks your competitors are using.

To do this, you need HTML experience or an online HTML code viewer. If you are unfamiliar with the language, use an online HTML viewer with someone who knows the language to thoroughly verify the source code of the online page.

What is a website snooper? provides a web page inspection tool. You can use this tool to view your website's online page or a competitor's website source. This tool displays the site's source code that can be used to review the code carefully.

Sometimes he feels like he needs to watch one of his rivals online. "Wow! This is a great trick or feature... I should put it on my website too." This requires a deeper look at a website's source code which has never been easier. Now you can see the detailed code and how it is precisely structured.

Given the above scenario, we feel that we need to develop tools that can spy on code from competitors' websites. So who do you want to spy on today?

With this very handy website spy provided by, you can enter the URL of the website and get the complete HTML source code. Examining the complete source code can be difficult to decipher the complete code. Therefore, it is recommended that you open individual pages and note down the important points.

Check the HTML code with the snooper on the site

If a page on your site is causing the problem, you can check the HTML source code to find and resolve the error.

If you're testing a new site, it's a good idea to start from the beginning. In other words, you must first check the source of the online page on your homepage. Then you need to examine each page individually and completely review the code. By following this method and noting the points as you learn, you can easily compare them with other source codes.
If you look at a competitor's website, you can only see it, but you cannot make any changes. The source of each site is protected and can be viewed and verified, but not edited. Without protection, the Internet is very confusing.

If you know HTML, you can use page snoops to find weaknesses in your site's source code. If you are a webmaster and have administrative privileges, you can make any necessary changes to the source code before submitting it. So you can see the impact.

After examining and viewing the sources of competitors' online pages, you can get ideas to improve your site's performance. However, you need to know how to make these changes exactly. However, one caveat is that you should not implement changes to your entire site. It is recommended that you make incremental changes. The golden rule is change, test, change, test, etc.

If you make a mistake, you can immediately correct it where you know it.

No site survey: Is your online privacy at risk?

The government can allow government agencies to spy on websites and monitor what they are doing. They may be interested in stopping bad publicity. Likewise, people want to maintain their privacy online. This problem occurs especially on social networks. Social networks have a huge impact on the way people communicate over the Internet. One of the simplest but most controversial solutions is to use a virtual private network.
The website spy pages can be used both positively and negatively. It all depends on your purpose and focus.

Spying on websites: useful or not?

If you know how to use the page inspection function correctly, the page inspection tool on your website is very helpful. When deciding which website page verification to use, consider the page verification provided by

You can use the site page inspection tool on your site first to review each page and find a little code that acts as a weak and strong point. If you look at competing sites, you can also find the missing good parts of the site. Once you know what's missing and what's added to your site, you can make the necessary changes.

If you change the HTML code, you can verify the changes and verify the site after Google's approval. You will see a positive and likely impact that will lead to an overall improvement of your website.