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About Google Malware Scanner presents a very useful and simple "Google Malware Checker" tool. Just click on it and it will be inside the functional area. Here you can see a box to fill with the URL. This will be the URL you are investigating. After providing a complete and correct URL in the box, click the "Submit" button. By clicking the button, a new window will appear immediately. Do not worry! This is actually a call to the official Google Malware website and you will find the results efficiently. Therefore, our tool helps you avoid the added burden of searching Google's official website to perform this malware scan.

Google Malware Checker is a free and useful tool that helps you to check whether your website is infected with malware or not. This tool indicates and displays an alert message if a specific website is infected with malware. Both users and website owners can use this tool to identify whether a website is safe for them or not. This tool only takes a few seconds to show the results.

The tool is a great tool for scanning malware; It's a simple, fast, and wonderful tool. The best thing is that this tool is 100% free and no registration is required to use it.